SSP / Alfa Laval Ltd. Ductile Iron Pumps

SSP Pumps ductile iron range offers customers an alternative when stainless steel is not required. Ductile iron pumps are engineered to high standards to provide the level of service expected from Alfa Laval Limited products.


Series D Rotary Lobe Pump

SSP brand Series D ductile iron rotary lobe pumps, from Alfa Laval Pumps Limited, fulfill positive transfer duties throughout industry where the use of stainless steel for pumphead components is not essential, in application areas such as Petrochemicals, Chemical, Paper, Paints and Polymers, Petfood, Chocolate and Sugar.

Series G Rotary Lobe Pump

SSP brand Series G rotary lobe pumps, from Alfa Laval Pumps Limited, are designed for high volume fluid transfer duties and are among the world’s largest pumps of this type. They are engineered to order, customized to suit application requirements throughout Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical and Waste Water Treatment processes. From initial inquiry, the specification of the pump will be engineered to ensure the most appropriate pump is provided to meet application requirements. Series G pumps, manufactured from ductile iron, operate within general industrial and waste water treatment processes providing a good tolerance of suspended solids including fibrous matter. Series G pumps have proven ability in handling a full range of sludge thickness with rag and grit included.

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